Academic Misconduct

Academic Integrity

The value of an education at Iowa State University depends greatly upon the quality of academic work and research completed by students at our institution. Each member of the Iowa State community has an opportunity to play an important role in promoting and preserving integrity on campus.

The academic work of all students must comply with all university policies on academic honesty. Examples of academic misconduct are:

  • Attempting to use unauthorized information in the taking of an exam;
  • Submitting as one's own work, themes, reports, drawings, laboratory notes, computer programs or other products prepared by another person;
  • Knowingly assisting another student in obtaining or using unauthorized materials; or
  • Plagiarism.

Academic honesty policies are included in the Policy On Academic Dishonesty, Faculty Handbook, and Code of Computer Ethics and Acceptable Use Policy. These policies are references and / or included in the Student Disciplinary Regulations. In addition, students are responsible for following ethical standards adopted by the various colleges and departments. Students must also comply with the university policy on Research Misconduct. The policy prohibits research misconduct, which is fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research or in reporting research results.


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