University Policies


University Policies

Iowa State University has many published policies, each of which are in place to assist members of the university community in understanding expectations and procedures for living and learning in an academic environment.

Student Disciplinary Regulations

The Student Disciplinary Regulations is a document containing expectations for student conduct, as well as procedures for addressing and resolving alleged violations of university policies.

Other University Policies

Other University Policies which exist outside of the Student Disciplinary Regulations include:

Policy Library

The Policy Library is a centralized resource designed to contain university-wide policies. While many of these policies will not directly relate to student conduct, this is a valuable resource.


Reporting a Violation of University Policies

Often the Office of Student Conduct receives notices of violation of University policies from academic departments, the Department of Residence, or the ISU/Ames Police. Reports may come from other offices, staff, and students, as well as occasionally outside associations. If you have reported an incident to a professor, staff or advisor, you may want to ask if they plan to notify the Office of Student Conduct about the incident. You can also contact the Office of Student Conduct directly. They will work with other staff in the Dean of Students Office in order to effectively investigate the matter.