About The Office of Student Conduct


The Office of Student Conduct strengthens the personal responsibility and accountability of students and supports the overall educational mission of the University through enforcement of the Student Disciplinary Regulations.


We envision a safe, learning-centered, civil, and inclusive community where all members are invested in personal and collective excellence for the betterment of self, others, and community.


The philosophy of the office is student-centered and learning-focused.  We value a student's unique experience and perspective and their right to be heard.  We further ensure their right to an objective, fair, and respectful process, along with affirming the responsibility each student has to be an accountable member of the community.  We utilize a comprehensive approach including informal and formal options to uphold community standards, foster personal growth and development of life skills, and promote a civil learning environment, ensuring students are aware of the impact their choices can have beyond themselves.  When there has been a significant impact on an individual or the community, we engage campus and community partners in the resolution.

The office values working with other units to protect the University community from disruption and harm, encouraging appropriate standards of individual and group behavior, and fostering ethical standards and engaged citizens.

We protect student rights, foster a healthy and safe educational environment, maintain an equitable and inclusive process that promotes mutual respect, fosters ethical standards and critical thinking and decision-making, and creates opportunities for students to learn from their choices and experiences, while taking responsibility for their actions.

Straegic Goals

* Equitably enforce the Student Disciplinary Regulations and administer the student disciplinary process to address student conduct.

* Provide educational training and outreach opportunites for students and the university community to promote a healthy and safe educational environment.

* Promote and uphold the ethical and legal standards of the University, Division, and profession.

* Engage students through educational interventions that promote ethical decision-making and promote student development.

Our Staff


Sara Kellogg, Assistant Dean of Students & Director


Liz Luiken, Assistant Director


Joel Hochstein, Assistant Director


Jennifer Gentile, Secretary II