Academic/Research Misconduct for Faculty/Staff

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Information on Reporting Alleged Academic/Research Misconduct

Information from the Student Code of Conduct regarding Academic and Research Misconduct.

For questions about an allegation of academic misconduct, please email the Director of the Office of Student Conduct at

The following six-steps are a basic outline of what is recommended for faculty members who believe students have engaged in academic or research misconduct. Faculty members who have questions regarding the student disciplinary process and the reporting procedures can refer to these procedures.

  1. Arrange for an opportunity to meet with the student and discuss your conclusions.
  2. Allow the student to provide their side of the story, and ask if they admit or deny responsibility for the misconduct.
  3. If they deny responsibility, do not yet assign a grade for the assignment or course (leave grade as N for grade processing).
  4. If they admit the misconduct, you may assign a grade according to your discretion and what you may have outlined in your syllabus.
  5. Refer the case and information to the Dean of Students Office, including related materials such as emails, exams, essays, & websites.
  6. When an outcome is determined by the Dean of Students Office, you will be notified and apprised of the conclusions.

Resources for Faculty/Staff

Faculty and Staff are often a first point of contact for students facing an issue. The links below are common situations that we discuss with students or make referals for within the Dean of Students Office and in Student Affairs.

Information about the Student Conduct Process:

Link takes you to the Student Conduct Resource Guide.


Information about the withdrawal process:

If a student discusses the need for withdrawal with you - refer them to their advisor.

Information about filing an academic/grade grievance:

If a student wishes to pursue an academic/grade grievance, this process is facilitated through the college of the course.

Information on the Classroom Disruption Policy:

The best resource for information for faculty on the Classroom Disruption Policy is the Faculty Handbook.

Information about the Office of Student Assistance in the Dean of Students Office:

The Office of Student Assistance within the Dean of Students Office can provide assistance and outreach to students that might be dealing with some crisis or difficult situation. If you are unsure of what/when to make a referral to Student Assistance, please (515) 294-1020, to discuss the issue and/or your concerns. The Student Assistance website has additional information.

Making a referral for academic dishonesty:


Any questions regarding the referral process may be directed to the Office of Student Conduct at (515) 294-1020.

Please send referral letters and information to or send via campus mail to: Office of Student Conduct, 1010 Student Services Building.


Example syllabus statements to promote integrity & deter dishonest academic work:

CELT Recommended Iowa State University Syllabus Statements

Academic Misconduct Sample Syllabus Statements

OSC Videos for students/staff/faculty regarding academic misconduct and sexual misconduct:

Know the Code YouTube webpage