Alternative Resolution - Substance Use Program

The alternative resolution program for substance use vision is to create a system that shifts the focus away from penalizing personal substance use behavior and to a more health-centered system that focuses on evidence-based strategies and practices, rooted in behavior change and student development theory, to improve student wellbeing, reduce negative consequences, and increase student engagement.


It is an opt-in program designed to identify personal, social, health, and/or academic challenges that may be affecting personal substance use and behavior associated with personal substance use. A student who is eligible and opts-in to the program will partner with a staff member to review the results of a wellness survey. Afterwards the student will identify goals (to be completed within a 45-60 day period) and then work to meet those goals.

Student’s opting-in to the program after being notified of their eligibility will be required to:

  • 1) Complete a wellness survey and pre-action plan reflection survey (online, taking approximately 45-60 minutes)
  • 2) Schedule and attend a 30-45 minute virtual or in-person meeting with a staff member to review the results of the assessments and discuss goal development
  • 3) Complete an online educational program related to the substance(s) used in the particular situation (45min-2 hours)
  • 4) Develop and submit five SMART goals as part of an action plan (via online form)
  • 5) Complete and submit verification of completion of the goals set in the action plan (via online form)
  • 6) Complete a second wellness survey two months after the initial survey and complete a final engagement survey (online, approx.. 45-60 minutes)

If successfully completed, the program results in NO disciplinary record with the university. Incomplete attempts or missed deadlines results in a referral back to the standard disciplinary process which includes a disciplinary record.