Disciplinary Records


Records of Disciplinary Actions

An individual student's disciplinary record is considered education record under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). As a result, these records are kept confidential in accordance with this law.  Student organization disciplinary records are not considered an educational record with FERPA protections.

Disciplinary records will be filed in the student's or student organization's disciplinary file in the Office of Student Conduct consisting of a statement of charges, summary of the information presented at the hearing, findings and sanctions of the administrative hearing officer or hearing body, records of appeals and rationale for the decisions.

Student disciplinary records are normally maintained in the Dean of Students Office for a period of seven years, after which the file records may be purged. Records may be maintained for a longer time at the discretion of the University except that the tape recording of any hearings may be destroyed one semester following the exhaustion of all appeals.

Individual student disciplinary records are confidential; nothing from them appears on a student's academic transcript*.

Records of violations by student/campus organizations may be transmitted for inclusion in the organization's file in the Campus Organizations Office and/or posted on the OSCs website.

*If the student is suspended or expelled, a notation will appear on the transcript that the student has been dropped due to disciplinary action and is not eligible to enroll.


Request to Review A Disciplinary Record

To request a review of your disciplinary record, please contact the Office of Student Conduct at (515) 294-1020, or visit the office.

Other persons desiring access to disciplinary records may do so by securing a written waiver from the student whose record is requested.

Other University Records

A disciplinary file is only one form of information maintained by the university related to student records. The University Catalog contains more information related to student records and other confidential information.


For more information related specifically to Disciplinary Records as outlined in the Student Disciplinary Regulations, please review Section 8.