Level 2

Level 2 case

If a student receives a "Notice of Alleged Code of Conduct Violation" letter describing the alleged violations as "Level 2", it means that the alleged behavior and/or prior misconduct by the student or student organization does not warrant the consideration of a suspension or expulsion from the university. If that student or organization is found responsible for the violations in a Level 2 case, the sanctions will range from Disciplinary Reprimand to Deferred Suspension and may include other educational sanctions and/or requirements and restrictions related to the incident.

Resolving a Level 2 Case

To resolve a Level 2 case, students and student organizations will most likely meet with an administrator in the Office of Student Conduct for an Administrative Hearing. Students receiving a letter are given a minimum of 4 business days to schedule and attend a hearing.


For more information related to Level 2 Cases as outlined in the Student Disciplinary Regulations, please review Section 5.8.