We are pleased that you are interesetd in serving on the Student Conduct Hearing Board “SCHB”.  This leadership opportunity is an important part of upholding the university’s student code of conduct. The Student Conduct Hearing Board is charged with hearing cases related to alleged violations of the Title IX policy and violations of the student code of conduct that could result in student separation from the university.  The below provides information about the board's role and potential time committment.


Students interested in serving should submit an interest form found here.

Faculty and staff interested in serving should contact Sara Kellogg directly at



How many hearings are held with the SCHB each year?

The Office of Student Conduct generally holds between 6-12 hearing boards per year. We try to maintain a pool of approximately 40 trained members (faculty, staff, and students) that we poll for availability for each hearing. Each board is comprised of three members: two faculty and/or staff and one student (either graduate or undergraduate). One faculty or staff serves as the chair/facilitator for the hearing.


What should I expect my time committment to be for a typical hearing? 

Hearings are typically scheduled on M-F for 3-4 hours (most commonly between 9-12 or 1-4), but many take less than 3 hours to conclude, including deliberation. When scheduling, board members are polled for their availability and then notified when selected for a hearing. 

In addition to the actual hearing, case information is shared via CyBox for review prior to a hearing. Following the hearing and deliberation, the board provides written recommendations to the Dean of Students, who will review the decision to ensure policies and procedures are accurately represented, and the Dean of Students sends the final decision letter to the party/ies.


How long is my term with the hearing board? 

The Student Code of Conduct describes the role and appointment of Student Conduct Hearing Board members. While the appointment is preferred for two years, interested students can serve for a year or extend their participation for more than two years.


Is the board involved in any other conduct processes? 

In addition to board hearings, members may be requested and polled to serve on Student Conduct Appeal Boards. These boards are not hearings, but meetings to review the information a student has submitted regarding an appeal of a student disciplinary decision. Appeal boards are also comprised of 2 faculty/staff and one undergraduate or graduate student.


Where can I learn more information about the role of the board? 

More information can be found in the Student Code of Conduct, and is shared below.  Additionally, information for board members, including training materials can be found on our Hearing Board Training page

2.6  Student Conduct Hearing Board (SCHB)

The Student Conduct Hearing Board (SCHB) hears Separation Level cases, which are student disciplinary cases that may result in suspension or expulsion from the university. The SCHB may also hear Non-Separation Level cases (cases where suspension or expulsion from the university is not a potential sanction) which have been referred by the OSC. The SCHB hears cases in boards of at least three persons, including at least two faculty / staff and one student. The SCHB makes its recommendation to the Dean of Students.

The SCHB is composed of members of the university community, including faculty members identified by the Faculty Senate, staff members identified by the Office of the Dean of Students, colleges and staff councils, graduate students identified by the Graduate and Professional Student Senate and the Office of the Dean of Students, and undergraduate students identified by the Student Government and the Office of the Dean of Students.

All appointments are for a two-year term and may be extended or reappointed if the member is willing to serve, unless the member has been removed by the appointing authority. All chairpersons are selected, approved, and trained by the Office of Student Conduct, and are faculty or Professional and Scientific staff that have experience serving on the SCHB. 

2.7  Student Conduct Appeal Board

Members of the SCHB are also selected for the Appeal Board. Appeal Boards consist of a separate three-member board drawn from the full membership of the SCHB. The constitution of an Appeal Board must include at least two faculty / staff and one student.

The Appeal Board reviews appeals submitted by students and issues determinations regarding whether any of the grounds for appeal identified by the appellant are present. Based on their deliberations, they grant or deny appeals, pursuant to the process in the Student Code of Conduct.