Recommended Responsible Reporting Protocol

In situations where a controlled substance or alcohol emergency has been identified and where medical or police assistance is needed, organizational leadership should follow the recommended responsible reporting protocol below.  When organizational leadership follow this protocol, this act of responsibility may mitigate potential student disciplinary consequences in the student conduct resolution proces.


I. A member of an organization’s leadership seeks assistance (medical and/or police) to address a health/safety situation.

A. If medical attention is needed, individuals must call 911 for assistance.

B. Those calling 911 must stay with the person needing assistance.

C. Participants must cooperate with emergency responders.


II. Within 12 hours of the incident, organizational leadership must contact:

A. the university affiliated staff/faculty advisor on record to report the issue.

1. Sororities and Fraternities affiliated with the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement must also contact their SFE staff representative. 

    (Note: SFE may have different requirements of reporting incidents that should be met as appropriate.

B. the Office of Student Conduct via the appropriate reporting form. This initial report must include:

1. Description of the incident and actions taken

2. Name(s) of student(s) receiving medical attention and name(s) of any other impacted students*


III. Within 72 hours of the incident occurrence, organizational leadership must submit a detailed report to the Office of Student Conduct.

A. All information in this reporting form must be thorough, truthful, and complete to the best of its ability.

B. Include names of all students and/or guests involved and information regarding their involvement. *


*To ensure support is provided to impacted students, the Office of Student Conduct may share information with relevant offices.